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Why Choose Tiles?

As a tile company we're just a little biased here ๐Ÿ˜Š

It can be a big step, especially if you've not got experience in selecting tiles over the other options you may have used in the past and be more comfortable with.

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When selecting tiles, chances are you will want them to be around for quite a while, so as the Grail Knight in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' says, 'Choose wisely!'

Traditionally, tiles, ceramic and porcelain, have been restricted to interiors and mostly the kitchen or bathroom. Modern ways of manufacture and improved quality mean that you can now consider tiles as a covering inside and out of your property!

A growing range of designs, including wood, stone effect, geometric, allow you to update your hallway, kitchen, bathroom, dining area as well as outside areas.

The benefits of choosing tiles....

Let's look at some of the obvious benefits of tiles

- Tiles are hardwearing, making them an ideal option for 'high traffic' areas in the home where they can absorb a lot of use and general wear and tear other flooring options will struggle with.

- They offer a easy way of updating your home and at the same are a hygienic, easy to clean surface.

- Modern production methods mean that tiles can now replicate the look of a range of different materials such as real stone, wood and marble. this means you can create a real feeling of luxury at a fraction of the actual cost.

- Tiles have good waterproof properties and with a little application of sealant they can be used in wet rooms.

- fitting tiles, if you aren't afraid of a little DIY, can be done by yourself. however we'd always recommend the views or use of a professional to ensure you get the best finish for your home..

What tiles can you use.......

Generally, the most common tiles are Ceramic & Porcelain, there are options in natural stone (marble, slate, etc...) but typically the first 2 account for the majority of wall and floor tile coverings. Natural stone, typically, can require specific knowledge and specialist tools to fit such large and heavy items.

- Ceramic tiles are very affordable and very versatile in the number of ways you can use them. New techniques mean that you can apply/print just about any design or effect onto them. This really allows your creative side to take control and produce a variety of looks and features for the room/project you are pulling together.

Photo; Branded Tile Company, Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain are great conductors of thermal energy so work well with under floor heating, again check with a professional before fitting.

Both Ceramic and Porcelain are hardwearing and easy to install but for use on floors or higher traffic areas in home it may be best to use Porcelain as it undergoes a slightly different manufacturing process that makes it more robust. Porcelain tiles may also be used inside and outside, being able to withstand frost/cold damage.

if you have any queries as to what tiles to use and how to apply them, please drop us a line here at The Branded Tile Company -

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