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Creating a little bit of bathroom heaven

You may recall in an earlier post we took you to the streets of Leeds and a 19th Century Victorian terraced home that was undergoing a number of projects to restore some of its previous features.

Picture: T .Gallagher (Cat not included with V&A tiles!)

Well, we saw the kitchen refresh but this is yet another amazing example of what can be done with some real inspiration and lots of hard work. The previous bathroom was very 1980's and had seen better days, 'Project 2' was a full remodel, stripping the room and replacing all the sanitary ware with period style fixtures and topping it off with V&A porcelain tiles for the floor and a feature border.

Before & After

Again, the kitchen and bathroom renovations here are some of the best 'Real home' projects we've seen, comparing the pictures it's hard to believe they are the same house.

The look is created by using a mix of standard white rectangular tiles with a floor and matching border using V&A Brompton Abbey Tiles, bringing back that 'Victoriana' vibe to the room and its gorgeous white bathroomware.

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