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Beautiful rejuvenation of a Victorian terrace kitchen

The streets off Burley Park in Leeds were built at the end of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. Principally, to accommodate the growing workforces of Leeds's bustling industrial heart, which had shifted from textiles to heavy industry & engineering.

Located next to the leafy Burley Park, there's a peaceful, village feel to the area with many families adding their personal touches to the homes they live in.

One increasingly popular trend is adding dashes of Victoriana or heritage to houses that have, over the years, been stripped of their original features.

Inspired by the colours and designs of a tote bag bought on holiday, one such home's owner set about planning her property's rebirth. Project 1 was rejuvenating a 'practical' 1980s MDF & Pine kitchen, workable but a sadly little past its prime.

Before & After

We think it's one of the most stunning 'small' projects we've seen but hey, we're biased!

A lovely mix of standard white metro tiles with V&A Racing Green Puddle Glaze, set off with a stunning feature floor, using the V&A Brompton Godwin tile, adding a nod to the Victorian fascination with Medieval geometric designs.

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